SWITCH OPENS from Stockholm, Sweden started out in 2000 as Fingerspitzengefühl. They made two albums for Kooljunk Communications, “Fingerspitzengefühl” in 2004 and “Happy Doomsday” in 2006, and decided to continue as SWITCH OPENS in 2008. The three albums have all been highly acclaimed in Swedish and European rock press, such as Close-Up Magazine, Sweden Rock Magazine, Metal Hammer, Rock Hard and numerous webzines. “Happy Doomsday” was nominated as best metal/punk in the Swedish independent music awards (Manifest) in 2006. The band has done extensive gigging on their own, but also supported bands such as NEUROSIS, SCARS ON BROADWAY and ENTOMBED. The band has earned a reputation as an adrenalized live act, crushing everything in their way. Switch Opens signed to GMR Music Group in October 2008 and the self-titled record was released in Scandinavia in September 2009 and in the rest of Europe in the end of October. In January 2010, the album won P3 Guld, the Swedish national radio music awards, in the Rock/Metal category. In May 2011, the band changed label once again. The new album “Joint Clach” was released in March 2012 by Transubstans Records.

‘Joint Clash’ is an ambitious piece of work. An album that crosses boundaries, not out of adolescent rebellion but because the musical vision of Switch Opens transcends the usual labelling urge that has both reviewers, record companies and listeners in its grip.
- Lords Of Metal

The verdict on Switch Opens from this Über Röcker is….I fucking love ‘em; in a world of musical mediocrity Switch Opens hold a rare glimpse of true sanctuary.
- Über Rock

This is a pretty impressive album and one that I wasn’t too sure about on an initial listen. It just goes to show that if you are prepared to think and better still to work outside the musical box, then the results can be quite astounding.
- Powerplay

In the end, this release proves a fascinating record to get into – unexpected, well-thought-through and with an element of surprise lurking around every corner.
- Hardrock Haven

In fact, I think I shouldn’t mention anyone at all, as this is more than good enough to stand up on its own accord. That is, if you love music that gets you brain working. If you do appreciate that a band doesn’t serve you a readymade meal or finely sliced bread. If you are one who can enjoy a musical exploration trip. If you are, you will find me at your side.
- Fury Rocks

There is an authoritative air about the delivery of the tracks and one of a great deal of intent and force, in the same way each of the personalities of Mastodon manage to push their own individual styles in their music. No instruments hide in the background looking sheepish.
- Sonic Dice

Overloaded with original, heavy, catchy riffs that draw you into its infectious essence, ‘Switch Opens’ is an unpredictable ride from start to finish with twists and turns that will leave you breathless and wanting to hit the play button again straight after the album’s finished.
- Metal Discovery

Switch Opens are:

Anders Bartonek, Switch Opens

Anders Bartonek – drums

Tomas Bergstrand, Switch Opens

Tomas Bergstrand – guitar

Jesper Skarin, Switch Opens

Jesper Skarin – bass & vocals

Mikael Tuominen, Switch Opens

Mikael Tuominen – guitar























All photos by Mattias Förnell,

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