Closed Switch

Switch Opens/Fingerspitzengefühl needs a break. We’ve been playing together for almost 13 years and we had a great time, but now we need a pause from our kurskian rock. We don’t know whether the pause will be temporary or forever, but we do know that you won’t hear a word or tone from us until early 2014. Until then, take care and thanks to everybody who has helped us!

Anders, Tomas, Mikael & Jesper


Recording: Day 1

Yesterday´s session was a success! Anders managed to lay down the drum tracks for 5 out of 7, or possibly 8 songs. Good work! The snare has the right smack and the bass drum makes you wanna dance. Today we will continue with the rest of the drums and then we´ll go for bass gtr. Oh yes!

Garaget Studio

Garaget Studio

In the studio today!

Today is the day we start recording the new album! Anders is in Garaget Studio laying down the drum tracks as I write this. Expect seven new songs clocking in at somewhere around 45-50 minutes. We’ll do this as quickly as we can (without compromising on quality…), and hopefully we’ll be able to release the record in November on Transubstans. What it sounds like? It’s like a bitches brew, or a joint clash…

Anders recording drums

Anders recording drums August 1st, 2011

In other news, we´re going to do a gig with Entombed in Malmö on September 10th. We have a couple of more gigs in the pipeline.