Scandinavian tour coming up!

This fall Switch Opens will join forces with Age of Woe to embark on a 4 day mini-tour in Scandinavia. More dates will follow soon, but here’s the plan for now.

October 31st – Oslo, Norway
November 1st – Copenhagen, Denmark
November 2nd  – Gothenburg, Sweden
November 3rd – Stockholm, Sweden

Age of Woe released the self-titled debut 7″/Digital EP last year and gained a lot of great feedback and reviews as well as a fair amount of air play and attention in various media. Since then Age of Woe has toured Europe twice as well as played some shows in Scandinavia. Now they are working on their upcoming full length album The band will again team up with producer Carlos Sepulveda, but also with legendary producer Lennart Östlund from Polar Studios (LED ZEPPELIN) in early summer for the live recording and production of the forthcoming album.

Age Of Woe