A little bit of heaviness

This is pretty freaking cool/weird! This list is the 50 best songs of the year chosen by the staff at the Swedish national radio channel P3, and it’s mostly pop, pop, pop and some hiphop and techno. There are a few heavy songs on the list though – two by Switch Opens and one by Neurosis! How unlikely is that?

The 50 best songs of the year 2012 according to the staff at P3

P3 Guld!

Switch Opens have been nominated for Rock/Metal Of The Year by the Swedish national radio´s P3 Gold Awards! Again… we actually won the Rock/Metal category back in 2010.

Winners of P3 Guld!

We actually won P3 Guld in the rock/metal category! Wooooohooo! We’ll give you loads of pictures and stuff soon.

Here’s the TV broadcast of the awards:

The swedish radio:
P3 Guld

The motivation was (in swedish):
“Med fingertoppskänsla och en olustig glimt i ögat ger årets rock/metalalbum lyssnaren en djupdykning bland domedagshits och bredbent mangel i världsklass.”

And a brief report in swedish about what happened at the hotel after the awards:

P3 Guld

Switch Opens are nominated for P3 Guld, the swedish radio awards, in the rock/metal category. Information in swedish about the tv and radio broadcast below.

Switch Opens är nominerade till P3 Guld i kategorin årets rock/metal.

Galan sänds direkt i radio: förminglet börjar sändas kl 18. Galan startar kl 20.

P3 Guld 2010 är den enda tv-sända musikgalan under galasäsongen i år och sänds i SVT1 kl 21.30.

P3 Guld-galan hålls den 19 januari på Scandinavium i Göteborg. Köp biljett på Ticnet eller gotevent!