Shirts Of Satan II

We have a new treat for you. The secretive society/order/kindergarten Shirts Of Satan had another screening session last night. These are the results, and if you come to the upcoming shows in Stockholm, Götlaborrrg and Jönköping, you’ll get the chance to grab one of these very limited goodies. They are available in some random sizes…

Red shirt

Black shirt

White shirt

Screening for vengeance

Now here’s a special treat for you! Yesterday we screen printed a bunch of t-shirts and bags for the release party. Very limited edition for this occasion! The master mind and artist behind it all is the mighty Magnus Öhrn, courtesy of Shirts of Satan. It might look like Tomas and I (Micke, not to be confused with Nosferatu) are doing the work on the pictures, but we are just his simple slaves.